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Mark Alayev, CEO
The Best App Development Company
We contacted Smartexe with regard to an application for our Internet website and for iOS mobile platform. Smartexe’s Internet and mobile capabilities provided us with a superb solution that enhances our clients’ customer experience and is both time-effective and profitable. Smartexe’s contribution felt like an extension of our own efforts. We are glad to work with them.
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Raphael Renous, VP R&D
Excellent Software Development Services
We employed the services of Smartexe in the field of software development. We are much satisfied with the end result and with the experience of working with them in general. Their optimal workflow blended fully with our own structure and allowed us to develop the product profitably and in time. We definitely recommend to work with Smartexe to complement in-house capabilities.
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Rich Mavrogeanes, CEO & President
Do Know the Field
Smartexe’s collaboration was found to be optimal in terms of target definition, end-product quality and timeliness of execution. That's why we dealt with them. Moreover, they also help to maintain and to upgrade our product. We are very satisfied with the final result and with the cooperation process itself.
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Boris Katsevman, Chief of R&D
Highly-skilled Professional Team
In our business, we are aware of the exact meaning of words. And the word that in the best way describes Smartexe’s collaboration with us is professionalism. They performed in an informed and skilled manner, which resulted in a high-quality product that was ready on time to be put into use. Smartexe answered all our demands, and we can recommend this company as an all-around software expert.
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Dany Fishel, CEO
Complex Investigation of Your Business
Smartexe took the time to understand our expectations and define the entire project as if it was their own. The results speak for themselves.
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Jonathan Uchenik, Co-Founder
Best Application for Remote Interaction
Smartexe helped us to realize our aim of providing our customers with an application that facilitates their remote interaction with us. They are also responsible for its maintenance. Their performance has greatly contributed to us being competitive in our market. We depend on our customers having a satisfactory online experience, and Smartexe made this possible and profitable.
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Blake Homan, President
Awesome Cooperation Experience
It was a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable company. They provided a good customer experience that translates into quality products and processes.
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Dror Erez, CTO
Skilled Team to Enhance Your Goals
We engaged Smartexe to develop our branded toolbar applications. Their professional workmanship resulted in innovative products that have already received millions of downloads from our App Marketplace. They delivered on time and, more importantly, their work blended smoothly with the other project elements. If you need a skilled team to enhance your R&D capabilities or to develop your future products, Smartexe is a great example of an offshore force that delivers reliable quality.
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