Full cycle software web development company with 17 years of successful experience

Smartexe was founded in 2004 and has a solid management team and high standards. Since 2007 our company was one of the leading in video processing industry. Nowadays Smartexe provides a wide variety of remote development services and has set a clear goal - to help companies of all sizes and types of business to solve problems of any complexity and scale. We do know how to develop brands and make a big profit.

Meet the management board of software engineering company

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President, Smartexe Group

Dr. Panich is the driving force behind Smartexe. He has more than 30 years' experience in running R&D and his primary areas of expertise are video compression/decompression techniques media streaming and VoIP. Over the years, Dr. Panich acquired a vast range of skills in a variety of areas, including computer vision and object recognition, graphic processing, and DSP and PC systems. Dr. Panich holds an MSc degree in Electronics at Vinnytsia Polytechnic University as well as a Master's degree in Computer Systems Development and a PhD in Computers and Automation Systems, both at Kharkiv Polytechnic University
CEO Smartexe in Israel  photo

CEO, Smartexe Ltd, Israel

In his first executive role, Gena makes an imprint on the business world. He acquired his education in Israel, graduating from Tel-Aviv University’s prestigious Technological High School for Practical Engineers (Handasaim High School). Gena holds a BSc in Applied Mathematics (Extended Track) at Bar-Ilan University.
CEO Smartexe in USA  photo

CEO, Smartexe Inc, USA

As a young executive, Anna is responsible for the accounting and the customer relations at Smartexe. Anna has proven to be an important part of the company’s leadership; she keeps on bringing her fresh perspective and positive attitude to every challenge. Anna holds a BA in Psychology and Management at Tel-Aviv University.
VP sales Smartexe photo


With over 16 years of experience in sales and business development, Alexander helps our partners to scale their engineering capacity by tailoring the best solution for them. Alexander has a technological background, he has graduated from the Holtz College of Electronics and the Israeli Air-Force.

The Smartexe company empowers your ideas with the tech tools

Websites and apps, games for Android, iOS as you wish

Our team is proficient in software, mobile and games development, project and product management, QA, graphic design, video & audio streaming, embedded. Our talented & skilled team of designers implements the latest trends in web design. Our professional DevOps are experienced in different hosting providers and cloud storages. Also, our quality assurance team performs manual, automated testing services for projects of any complexity. Our offices are located in 4 countries: USA (Los Angeles, CA), Israel (Bnei Brak), Denmark (Skanderborg), South Korea (Gangnam-Gu, Seoul). We have realized over 500 successful products for startups, local and international business from Europe, the USA, Israel, Korea, etc. If you need a software development company, Smartexe is the perfect fit.

Having awesome idea?
The Smartexe team helps startups and existing businesses to create a successful brand. We create outstanding projects that help to promote your brand. Don't know how to start an online business? Have some questions? Contact us in chat, by email or over the phone. The Smartexe company helps you to create a project of any complexity.
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