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86+ applications uploaded to Google Play and App Store within 16 years

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Anna — the platform for anyone interested in cleaning services, you can do both hire cleaning expert or find a job.

Android application development services

The Smartexe team is experienced in native app development, we've been designing and developing Android and iOS applications since 2004. We develop incredible and reliable Android apps for smartphones, tablets and wearables. Our talented developers create innovative mobile apps on Java or Kotlin. We are experienced in full-stack app development and uploading to Google Play Store.
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Third parties:
Butterknife, Kotlin Coroutines, RxJava, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2, OkHttp 3, GSON, Glide, Google API, Exo Player
MVP, MVVM, Data Binding, Lifecycles, LiveData, Navigation
Java, Kotlin
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BT Sport — mobile application for live video streaming of sport exclusive events and latest news.

iOS application development services

The Smartexe skilled developers create unique and multifunctional applications for iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad. We offer a range of services for iOS development that can be customized to suit your specific business needs.
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Media: AVFoundation, AssetsLibrary, CoreAudio, Core Media, Core Video, Media Player, QuartzCore
App Services: AddressBook, MapKit, Core Data, AddressBook UI, StoreKit, Core Foundation, Core Text
Graphics and Games: Core Graphics, Core Location
System: CoreTelephony, MobileCoreServices, SystemConfiguration
App Frameworks: Foundation, UIKit
Objective-C, Swift
cross-platform mobile app to accept payments
Maya — an application that allows you to pay utility and phone bills, and save it in a personal account.

Сross-platform mobile application development

The Smartexe team provides flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions for cross-platform mobile development. We build, develop and deploy feature-rich cross-platform mobile applications. Cross-platform web application development allows to save money and time on web development.
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React Native, Vue Native
Typescript, Node.js

Services related to mobile application development

Find more options to grow your project

Game Development
Mobile game development is an amazing field not only for game industry. Order native and cross-platform games to follow the latest trends.
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Quality assurance
Quality assurance allows to fix all bugs in advance. Order QA and be sure that your project or new feature run smooth and ready for release.
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2D/3D Design & Animation
Outstanding design is a guarantee to your brand success. Call for design services to build your company identity.
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Having awesome idea?
The Smartexe team helps startups and existing businesses to create a successful brand. We create outstanding projects that help to promote your brand. Don't know how to start an online business? Have some questions? Contact us in chat, by email or over the phone. The Smartexe company helps you to create a project of any complexity.
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