Effective solution for your project

Creating outstanding instruments for video content

1. Analysis
Deep research of product/service background. Competitor investigation to create high-effective solution
2. Architecture
Selecting technologies in respect of solution features and marketing plans. Building up clear system architecture with distinct responsibilities
3. Coding
Using cutting edge technologies and permanent code review for fast and flawless project performance
4. Deploy
Configuration according to project requirements. Uploading to the production server. Delivering updates for embedded solutions. CI/CD, automation and monitoring setup.
5. Support
Providing a robust software work, fixing and offering new features for upgrade. Marketing services for brand promotion

Main directions for video and audio

Developing wide range of applications

  • tick iconMedia streaming
  • tick iconRealtime video solutions (conferencing, live video, WebRTC)
  • tick iconAudio/ video transcoding
  • tick iconVoIP (SIP, WebRTC)

Technologies, tools and frameworks

Tools & Frameworks
  • FFmpeg/libavcodec
  • GStreamer
  • WebRTC
  • libvlc/libx264
  • OpenGL
  • OpenSDL
  • OpenAL
  • DirectX
  • Media Foundation
  • Kurento
  • Janus
  • AppRTC
  • Freeswitch
  • Asterisk
  • Kamailio
  • liblive555
  • Wowza
Areas of Expertise
  • Solutions for VOD and live content delivering
  • Video conferencing applications, video chats and softphones
  • Integrating video streaming and conferencing into existing solutions
  • Providing video and audio capabilites for smart house/smart city
  • Developing custom SDKs for various platforms
  • Optimization of existing products (HW acceleration, fixing low level issues)
  • Mobile applications with media features (WebRTC, screensharing, VoIP)

Leading provider of media processing capabilities in software solutions

Taking the complexity out of managing audio and video

Smartexe enables you to easily manage, optimize and deliver engaging media content. We can help you to optimize resources, critical for video features in your solution, such as bitrate, storage, bandwidth and network usage, quality and latency of video streams. Our outsource developers create effective сonferencing solutions and applications for real-time communication and video processing.
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Services related to audio/video processing

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Software Development
Software development service allows to implement your ideas to life. Hire our team and get the highest return on your investment.
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Mobile Apps
Android, iOS and cross-platform development provide the best user experience. Choose this service for flawless project performance.
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Quality assurance
Quality assurance allows to fix all bugs in advance. Order QA and be sure that your project or new feature run smooth and ready for release.
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