Cloud computing for business advantage

Achieving project goals implementing cloud technologies

Cloud computing as a service offers great promise for developers. The technology allows getting access to the data from anywhere and at any time. Cloud computing helps to scale up the project easily and to increase the security and safety of infrastructure. Migration to the cloud saves your money, as you should not care about hardware support and updates. Our outsource support team helps to build a cloud infrastructure and to process big data. Running your app using cloud function in any standard Node.js runtime, which makes portability and local testing easy. The main advantage of Cloud IT is scalability, any company can easily find cloud due to the specific requirements.

Our team has great experience of work with AWS, Google Cloud, MacinCloud services, that cover a wide range of project needs. AWS offer an extensive range of IaaS and PaaS services, like Elastic Cloud Compute, Elastic Beanstalk, Simple Storage Service & Relational Database Service. Google Cloud has a variety of tools to ensure consistent performance and management, like Compute Engine, App Engine, Container Engine, Cloud Storage and Big Query. MacinCloud is a cloud Mac solution provider with a global presence for application hosting. The Smartexe experienced team helps to choose a cloud provider that meets all your software requirements and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools on the platform. Our skilled team has managed hundreds of successful cloud migrations. We will help with software configuration and make sure that migration would have done successfully. Do not waste time, move to the cloud and enjoy all the benefits. Trust your migration to a highly experienced team of Smartexe.

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.NET, Java, Node JS, Express.JS, ASP.Net, C/C++, PHP, Scalable web applications, Python
iOS, Android, Windows native and Cross Platform applications for your handheld devices
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We know you don’t like dealing with the HR - we've got you covered!

We know you don’t like dealing with the HR - we've got you covered!

All the teams are employed by us. Fed, paid, vaccinated, the works. Keeping them happy and focused while working on your projects.

We'll also continuously support each team member behind the scenes after you hire the team. Hell, we'll even remind you of their birthdays.


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Want to grow the team from 3 people to 30? No problem!

Want to turn our offices into one of your global offices? Sure thing!

We're as flexible as a Cirque du Soleil performer.

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