Access is the new Ownership

Wherever we look we see that companies of all sizes and scale are shifting big parts of the organization from ownership to access. Whether it’s cloud computing, office space, accounting or any other part that is not considered as their core business.

Looking back at 10 years ago, who would have believed that cloud computing will serve most of the infrastructural needs of most of the tech based companies. Not so long ago, if you would have asked a CTO of an insurance company to place their code and data on someone else’s servers, he would have probably smiled and explain politely that this is out of the question.

But today, people ask themselves why should they invest so much time and energy doing something they are not specialized at and most probable don’t like to do, and further more why at all to own such a function in the organization with all its overheads.

Now… the question is where to draw the line.

Cloud computing is obvious, everyone is using AWS, Azure, Google cloud or alike. Office space is also a great example of this movement, great companies like WeWork offer a perfect solution for companies of all sizes, so that they can do what they love without the need to think about cleaning the office, Wi-Fi or if there is enough milk in the kitchen.

Let’s talk about the QA function in an organization, why do we need to own a full scaled QA team? Think about it for a second, it’s not like we always need a full powered QA, maybe before a major release or in certain picks in the development cycle. Access based QA allows to scale up and down based on the needs without the obvious overhead of hiring people (or letting them go), office space, and paying fulltime salaries when you actually don’t need the full capacity.

And if QA why not software engineering? Already today we use APIs to do specific things in the system instead of developing and maintaining technologies that got nothing to do with our core product offering. For example, if we need to send SMS we will most probably find a ‘per pay use’ API and connect it to our system rather than going through the full cycle of developing the ultimate SMS system. If not all parts of the system, surely some parts can be developed and maintained by an external accessed based team. But it can go even deeper, by distributing the system correctly you can shift more responsibilities to an accessed based Software Engineering team without losing control over your core technology.

Today more than ever, there is a clear understanding that the more time you invest in what you love and do best, the better results you gain, both as an individual and as an organization.

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