Product Management

At Smart.exe, we pair our extensive network of resources with a skilled product management team that follows your product throughout its entire lifecycle. The end-goal is to help you create a product that is exactly to specification, one that accurately reflects the original vision you had when you set out to build this product.


As an integral part of the development process, research and due diligence allows us to explore your product’s concept, its functional and architectural requirements, and to identify which tools we’ll need to help you realize it.

Product Specification

We’ll make sure your product is designed exactly to its intended specification. The center of the entire production continuum, the product specification stage allows us to proceed efficiently with the product development cycle.

Product Manager

To facilitate this process smoothly, we assign a highly-trained product manager to serve as liaison for all parties involved. Aside from keeping the product on-track, the manager will coordinate communications between you and the various teams working on the product.

Specific Services

  • Coordination with the client and with other Smart.exe teams
  • High-level product requirement documentation (PRD)
  • Periodical product reviews and modifications
  • Functional specifications (FRD)
  • Preliminary research
  • Additional R&D.

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