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1. Analysis
Deep research of product/service background. Competitor investigation to create high-effective solution
2. Prototyping
Creating visual prototype of the device
3. Coding
Using cutting edge technologies and permanent code review for fast and flawless project performance
4. Manufacturing
Help with the production of the device, communicating with manufacture
5. Monitoring
Providing a robust software work, fixing and offering new features for upgrading.

Outsourcing embedded software development

Implementing complex solutions for your project efficiency

  • tick iconKiosk
  • tick iconInternet of Things
  • tick iconCustom operating system

Features, languages and benefits of embedded service

embedded service for hardware
embedded service for hardware
  • Processor ARM/MIPS
  • OpenWRT
  • Raspberry PI
Languages for  embedded  development
Languages for  embedded  development
  • C/C++
  • ASM
Safety & security embedded system
Safety & security embedded system
Advantages of technology
  • Fast system performance
  • Safety & security
  • Cost effective solution

Strong team for embedded software development

Designing embedded products from scratch

The Smartexe company has qualified engineers for embedded software outsourcing projects. We have more than 16 years of experience in embedded services. Our engineer team uses the best practices and the latest technologies to deliver high-quality products for companies around the globe.
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Services related to embedded software services

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Quality assurance
Quality assurance allows to fix all bugs in advance. Order QA and be sure that your project or new feature run smooth and ready for release.
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Cloud IT
Cloud solutions help to scale your project easily and to secure it. Choose this technology to improve your project performance.
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Video & Audio
The individual solutions for video processing. Check instruments for capturing, encoding, decoding, manipulating, streaming and broadcasting.
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Having awesome idea?
The Smartexe team helps startups and existing businesses to create a successful brand. We create outstanding projects that help to promote your brand. Don't know how to start an online business? Have some questions? Contact us in chat, by email or over the phone. The Smartexe company helps you to create a project of any complexity.
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