Competitive sports as a tool for team-building at the workplace. Football is an example.

March 21, 2024
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Ever feel like work is a never-ending loop of code and deadlines? Competitive sports can be like the 'refresh' button on the relentless pace of work. But it's about more than just physical activity - it’s a powerful instrument to improve performance in the workplace, by improving soft skills and boosting teamwork.

Last time we shared our experience with creating a tennis team and this time we will focus on our football league. We’ve chosen football as it is a high-energy game that mirrors the intensity of our work but swaps the stress for pure adrenaline and joy.

Throughout the last 3 years, we’ve created several in-house sport teams in Smartexe, and even organized a couple of leagues. For us, it's about building a stronger commitment and stronger teams.

In the beginning, we kicked it off with mixed-gender teams, but after getting mainly guys to sign up we’ve separated the men and women teams. At this point, excitement grew and we actually got more women signing up than men. …Whatever works.

Why, you ask? Because even the most dynamic teams need to shake off the cobwebs of routine. To step away from the glow of monitors, and dive into an experience that sharpens their body and mind.

Football propels you into a world where every decision counts, every movement is strategic, and every player’s strength is amplified by the team’s cohesion.

Let’s break down all the advantages:

  • Collaboration and communication: Critical for victory in football, these skills transfer directly back to the workplace, enhancing teamwork and project success.
  • Stress relief and fun: The rush of the game dissipates stress, replacing it with laughter and shared memories.
  • Leadership and role clarity: Natural leaders emerge, and everyone gets a chance to shine in a new light, fostering respect and understanding within the team.
  • Quick thinking and creativity: The dynamic play encourages innovative strategies and swift decision-making, sharpening these skills for business challenges.
  • Physical and mental boost: The game's physicality improves health and agility, while the strategic play stimulates the mind.
  • Resilience and flexibility: Adapting to unexpected game twists builds resilience, a quality that helps teams thrive amid business uncertainties.

But most of all football connects people in unpredictable, and otherwise unachievable ways and helps build an unbreakable team spirit.

By integrating competitive sports into our work life, we've not only enhanced teamwork but also sparked collaboration and improved productivity.

It shows our employees that we value their well-being, and healthy work-life balance and believe in their ability to score a last-minute goal.

Creating a company league helped us to identify leadership qualities in unexpected people while fostering respect and understanding within a team.

We’ve redefined teamwork, uncovered hidden talents, and reminded everybody that at the heart of innovation lies not just intellect but spirit and collaboration.

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